HotchPotch Games, based in London, UK

Founded: January, 2017



Releases: Holey Suit


HotchPotch Games is a one-man studio run by Mitron; a French solo indie developer based in London.  In his spare time Mitron aims to produce fun & quirky games for casual players, targeting PC and mobile.


Mitron has been hooked by the indie dev bug since trying out Game Maker in 2012.  After realising how fast and easy it was to create games using this engine, he has since worked on countless prototypes and game ideas. Five years later his ambition is to now publish a game - and for others to enjoy playing it!

HotchPotch Games - The Name!

The brand name HotchPotch Games was chosen after much thought and debate:

{HotchPotch: an untidy mixture of different types of things} 

The decision was made to settle on ‘Hotchpotch’ as it best reflects how the games are developed!  With no real industry experience, Mitron completes everything solo; from concept and design, to art and development.  Once complete he then combines all the elements together and hopes the end result is fun and professional!

Current Projects

Holey Suit: a physics space survival game, inspired by Vlambeer arcade classics and design philosophy.

Dungeon Scroller: a casual action rogue-like; think Diablo meets Gauntlet II!



Holey Suit

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Full Name: Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod!

Current Status: Released

Release Date: December 2017

Target Platforms: PC, Android

Target Audience: Casual Players & Hardcore Gamers

Project Started: July, 2017

Dev Blogs: website

Social: Twitter


Download: page

GameJolt page


Holey Suit is a physics-based survival game in space, heavily inspired by Vlambeer arcade classics and design philosophy.  The aim of the game is to fight your way to safety in a zero-gravity environment, through drifting debris and patrolling aliens.  Your spaceship has been destroyed and your suit is leaking, so you’ll need to get to the escape pod before you run out of oxygen!


The inception of the project was Game Maker Tookit's GMTK Jam, with the theme ‘dual purpose mechanics’.  Although the game wasn't released during the jam, work on it continued over the summer.  Everything has been built from scratch, from the art and music, to the FX and code, in my spare time around a busy full-time job!

Updates to the game is regularly reported on Twitter and through devblog entries.  A pre-alpha version of the game was released in September on and GameJolt for free since mid-September.  The game was finally officially released for PC on both platforms in December 2017.

Project Timeline

Holey Suit has seen incremental releases all through Q4 2017.  The game  has since received good feedback and visibility, and its first official build was published on 6th December 2017.

An Android port is next on the cards, to bring the game to a broader audience.  Potential add-ons (if time allows) include a level creator, which will allow players set their own parameters for the game and share level seeds, as well as a mission system.


  • Pick from twelve distinct characters, each promoting a different game style.
  • Randomly generated levels for unlimited replayability.
  • Ten weapons to choose from, from simple lasers to deadly tracker missiles!
  • Three difficulty modes for added challenge: easy, hardcore or against the clock.
  • Unlocks & XP: play your way to the best weapons and characters in the game.
  • Minimalist, pixel-art graphics. Don't be fooled, these cute little aliens are deadly!

Selected Articles

"You don't tend to get that many physics-centric games nowadays, but Holey Suit is a new one that does excellent things with its constituent moving bits. (...) Real space tends to feature fewer laser beams or aggressive astro-bastards, of course, and Holey Suit is all the richer for it." Tom Sykes, PC Gamer


Download All (zip)

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Dungeon Scroller


Full Name: Dungeon Scroller

Current Status: WIP

Release Date: TBC

Target Platforms: PC, Android

Target Audience: Casual Players


Project Started: November, 2016

Dev Blogs: website

Social: Twitter, Tumblr


Dungeon Scroller is a casual action rogue-like, with physics (ish) combat mechanics.  Think Diablo meets Gauntlet II!  In this game, you will throw Axes at your enemies and defeat the evil foes that have invaded your land!  It is primarily aimed at a casual audience with simple RPG and combat mechanics, but will offer enough depth and replayability for hardcore gamers.


Dungeon Scroller was the first ‘serious’ project for HotchPotch Games, and was created after years of experience of building countless prototypes and failed iterations.  The project highlighted the importance of careful design and PR and has been a great learning experience to date.  Recently it has taken a back seat in favour of the less work-intensive, easier to finish project, Holey Suit.  However, work on Dungeon Scroller will resume shortly!

Project Timeline

Release date TBC.