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Announcing Jump Jolt, my latest game!  I’ve had very little time since Holey Suit to do any game dev, but things took a turn after the Shenanijam 2018.  During this game jam, I produced a simple yet elegant physics based jumping game, StickAss.  I decided to carry on the project, give it a bit more love and polish, and a new catchier name.  So brace yourself for some parkour wall jumping action on PC & Android!  Get it on Itch.io, GameJolt or Google Play.Read More →

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In June this year I embarked on the Shenanijam 2018, organised by the folks at Butterscotch Shenanigans!  Rich of my experience joining the first Shenanijam last year (which I blogged about in this old post) I tackled things slightly differently this time round.  I thought I’d write a quick shenanijam postmortem for my 2018 entry: StickAss, as well as compare what I learned and applied from last year!Read More →

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Welcome to the Holey Suit Game Dev Blog – every week (or so) I will post updates on my current project: Holey Suit, to the escape pod!  In this blog post I’m touching base on pressing the mighty release button, unforeseen consequences of releasing an alpha (=unfinished) game, getting featured on itch.io and other obscurity-fighting stuff!   Holey Suit is a physics based space survival action game, available for free in alpha on itch.io and gamejolt!  For more info on how the game came together, check out previous posts here, there and there!Read More →