Shenanijam 2017

I thought I’d do a postmortem analysis of my entry to the Shenanijam – a 48hrs jam organised by the Butterscotch Shenanigans indie studio.  This was my first ever jam, and as I came to realise a huge undertaking when working solo!  Overall, it was a very rewarding experience and I published my first game on thanks to it! Trailer below.  You can also try the game here:    How did the jam unfold for me? I got my theme on Friday: Melty Caterpillar.  I made a point of not touching the computer until the next day, to give myself time to process the theme and think itRead More →

As part of this blog, I plan on adding postmortems on previous projects every so and then.  Here’s one I copied from my previous blog – Mitronite. A retrospective look at Project Z. For more background on what Mitronite was, see this previous post! One of my earliest projects with Game Maker Studio was Project Z – built around Feb/March 2013.Read More →