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best gear in town dungeon scroller

For a while I wanted to post about my indie dev resources for inspiration/information for anything game dev.  Everyone knows mainstreams sites like Gamasutra, so I will not mention these.  This post is more about the underdogs and less known resources I came across over the years, and most importantly that keep me motivated in my indie dev hobby!Read More →

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time on the look & feel of Dungeon Scroller’s first level: the village.  Inspired by the games I used to love playing, here’s a non-exhaustive list of goodies added: – NPCs – Parallax background – Day/night cycle – Pigs, cows & chickens running around! – Barrels, wheat field & more! Only NPCs actively contributed to the core mechanics of the game – the rest was pretty much *juice* as they call it.Read More →

First Dungeon Scroller GIF on the Hodge Podge website!  Apologies for the poor compression! What?  What is Dungeon Scroller?!? Since this website and tumblr dev blog went live, I haven’t actually described what my current game project is about!  The splash screen is a good illustration of the game core features: heroes, enemies & axes – loads of axes;  but here’s some more details!Read More →