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Welcome to the Holey Suit Game Dev Blog – it’s been a while I wrote a post on Holey Suit and wanted to post a quick update on the project.  In this blog post I’m touching base on making the most of the hosting platform you chose to publish your games (namely Gamejolt vs, and the endless quest for visibility.  Holey Suit is a physics based space survival action game, available for free in alpha on and gamejolt!  For more info on how the game came together, check out previous posts here, here and there!Read More →

best gear in town dungeon scroller

For a while I wanted to post about my indie dev resources for inspiration/information for anything game dev.  Everyone knows mainstreams sites like Gamasutra, so I will not mention these.  This post is more about the underdogs and less known resources I came across over the years, and most importantly that keep me motivated in my indie dev hobby!Read More →

After a few more hours on this, I’ve finally finished! The final pieces of the splash screen were adding the forefront monsters and working on the walls and floor. The worm heads turned out pretty easy to create after all the previous practice.  I think they fit well into the overall picture, adding dimension.Read More →

Here’s one activity I have put aside for a while whilst working on Dungeon Scroller: the splash screen for the game. I’m a huge fan of the Butterscotch Shenanigans game studio, and love the art associated with their Games.  You can recognise a Butterscotch Shenanigan icon app miles away, and their game pages on the store always look slick thanks to the art.  Read More →

After a few hours of work, I am proud to announce Hodge Podge has a logo!  It’s by no means ground breaking, but I think it looks good and represents how I see Hodge Podge Games and the projects I work on. I thought I would share my process of designing it, in case it helps anyone!Read More →

Update (June 2017): After a few struggles getting a SSL certificate for my old domain name (somehow my web-host certification authority didn’t like it) I decided to re-brand logo + domain name to “Hotch Potch Games”.  Quite happy I did this: the website is now consistent with my twitter user name (HodgePodgeGames was already taken), which incidentally turned out to be the place I’m the most active and getting traction in terms of following. Hotch Potch & Hodge Podge have the same meaning too, so not a massive change of branding.  Logo remains a hot pot.  Added bonus: Hotch Potch also does not clash with any other video gamesRead More →