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For a while I wanted to post about my indie dev resources for inspiration/information for anything game dev.  Everyone knows mainstreams sites like Gamasutra, so I will not mention these.  This post is more about the underdogs and less known resources I came across over the years, and most importantly that keep me motivated in my indie dev hobby!Read More →

I have been using Game Maker for over 4 years now.  From past experiences (= failed projects!) I have developed the way I work on & structure my projects.  I hope the following game design tips are useful for my fellow indie devs!In my last post on Dungeon Scroller, I mentioned a few methods I use when working on projects.   One of these was to keep the game “scalable” – what do I mean by that?This is something I learnt from previous failed prototypes:  If the project structure isn’t designed properly from the start, it’s very easy for the Game Maker project to become completely unmaintainable.What canRead More →

My Indie Dev Kit!  I thought I’d share the tools & gear I use for game dev, in case it’s of any interest to anyone. I have a full time job, so maxing out the time I spend on game dev is paramount. Fortunately, with the combination below I’ve found there’s always something I can work on, whether I am at home, or on the move. My Tools! Laptop: I have a work laptop from my company. Luckily I inherited a pretty fast one with lots of processing speed! It’s very handy for quickly compiling projects. Android Phone: I have an old android phone whichRead More →

Update (June 2017): After a few struggles getting a SSL certificate for my old domain name (somehow my web-host certification authority didn’t like it) I decided to re-brand logo + domain name to “Hotch Potch Games”.  Quite happy I did this: the website is now consistent with my twitter user name (HodgePodgeGames was already taken), which incidentally turned out to be the place I’m the most active and getting traction in terms of following. Hotch Potch & Hodge Podge have the same meaning too, so not a massive change of branding.  Logo remains a hot pot.  Added bonus: Hotch Potch also does not clash with any other video gamesRead More →