Dungeon Scroller

loot mechanics

Recently I was at a crossroad in the development process of Dungeon Scroller & its game mechanics (combat, loot etc).  This blog post was a way of putting my ideas & thought processes into words and structuring the way forward!  As mentioned before, the game is a RogueLite, heavily inspired by Diablo.  I want the gameplay to remain light, whilst also offering some depth for advanced players;Read More →

I have been using Game Maker for over 4 years now.  From past experiences (= failed projects!) I have developed the way I work on & structure my projects.  I hope the following game design tips are useful for my fellow indie devs!In my last post on Dungeon Scroller, I mentioned a few methods I use when working on projects.   One of these was to keep the game “scalable” – what do I mean by that?This is something I learnt from previous failed prototypes:  If the project structure isn’t designed properly from the start, it’s very easy for the Game Maker project to become completely unmaintainable.What canRead More →

First Dungeon Scroller GIF on the Hodge Podge website!  Apologies for the poor compression! What?  What is Dungeon Scroller?!? Since this website and tumblr dev blog went live, I haven’t actually described what my current game project is about!  The splash screen is a good illustration of the game core features: heroes, enemies & axes – loads of axes;  but here’s some more details!Read More →

After a few more hours on this, I’ve finally finished! The final pieces of the splash screen were adding the forefront monsters and working on the walls and floor. The worm heads turned out pretty easy to create after all the previous practice.  I think they fit well into the overall picture, adding dimension.Read More →

Here’s one activity I have put aside for a while whilst working on Dungeon Scroller: the splash screen for the game. I’m a huge fan of the Butterscotch Shenanigans game studio, and love the art associated with their Games.  You can recognise a Butterscotch Shenanigan icon app miles away, and their game pages on the store always look slick thanks to the art.  Read More →